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baking has been a huge part of my life since childhood. my earliest memory of baking was sitting on my grandfather’s kitchen counter and attempting to successfully crack eggs for the many cakes he would create for our family and friends. despite my short attention span, eggshell riddled cake batters, and being “fired” and “rehired” by my grandfather; my love for baking prevailed!


in addition to the nostalgia associated with baking, it has also served as one of my main tools to help manage my anxiety. the focus and patience required to create and perfect recipes offered me moments of peace during hectic times in my life. after years of baking for family and friends, I began to exclusively bake vegan in 2018 after adopting a vegan diet. baked by bre was created out of my frustration from the lack of delicious vegan baked goods in the dmv area. most vegan options I found were either incredibly hard to find (I considered moving to california at one point since they are bursting with vegan restaurants), tasted a bit too healthy (sometimes you just want a chocolate chip cookie to taste like a chocolate chip cookie), or were sometimes just not great! with this in mind, my aim was to take the traditional flavors I knew and loved and adapt them into vegan friendly versions. after throwing out my fair share of first pancakes, I was able to finally share my vegan treats with my very non-vegan family and friends. spoiler alert - they loved it!


since then, I have experimented with many baked goods but have come to realize that cookies are my jam. seriously, what is better than oat milk and cookies? in august 2019 I decided to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire and pursue baking full-time! since then I have worked as a vendor at local events, built and maintained awesome relationships with customers, and am thoughtfully building my online presence. my extensive knowledge of vegan baking has allowed me to grow baked by bre into not just a good vegan bakery, but a damn good bakery overall. I can't wait to share these treats with you!  

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